Get Help With Damage Restoration Costs

Hail and wind storms are the most common causes of roof damage in America, making up 40% of insurance claims for repairs. At IL Restoration Group PLLC in Bloomingdale, Illinois, we help customers file insurance claims so that they can pay for repair costs.

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Insurance Filing Made Easy

When roofs get ruined or destroyed by storms, call our roofing professionals right away. Allow us to assess the condition and offer solutions to prevent further damage.

We conduct roof inspections and assess property damage before generating a report to file your claim. After that, we review your policy to determine if the damage is likely to be covered.

We take pictures of the damaged roof for documentation and prevention of disputes. The insurance company pegs an amount to be paid on your claim from there. We will discuss a plan to make the necessary repairs.

Finally, we schedule roof restoration or replacement and complete all tasks required to make the roofing system sound again.

Let Us Help You

Submitting a roofing claim can be quite challenging, but with help from professional roofing contractors, you can deal with the process easily. Experience in the roofing industry tells us that sometimes, insurance claims can be denied to homeowners if a local professional roofer does not complete the inspection.

Make sure you comply with everything required to facilitate insurance claims. For more information, call (630) 454-6223 and refer your roofing insurance claim questions to us.