Explore Suitable Roof Restoration Options

Roof damage requires restoration solutions. Ask the experts at IL Restoration Group PLLC in Bloomingdale, Illinois for the best options to consider. Allow us to assess roofing conditions before recommending suitable replacement or repair services.


Factors to Consider

Depending on a variety of factors, both options are recommendable. However, it is equally important to think of long-term benefits. Be mindful of the important factors you should consider before choosing any of the two options.

New and Old Roofs

For relatively new roofs, repair work may suffice. Because older roofs tend to have more issues, replacement is the better option.

Damage Severity

Repairs aren’t advisable for roofs with a severe amount of damage. Though repair solutions cost less, there is no guarantee that these repairs will make severely damaged roofs last longer.

Roof Leaks

No matter how minimal, leaks tend to spread out and get bigger over time. Think of leaking roofs as severe cases requiring permanent solutions.

Budget Restrictions

Replacing a roof costs more than repairs. If you do not have sufficient funds for replacements, explore financing, credit card, or loan options.

Problem Areas

Ascertain whether damage affects the entire structure or just the roofing materials. Identify the main problem areas first before picking suitable options.

Why Roof Replacement Is Better

In terms of value and peace of mind, replacing damaged or compromised roofs with new ones is always the best solution. Doing so allows you to enjoy a host of long-term benefits.


More Energy Efficiency

Roofs deflect heat and cold and shield home interiors from extreme temperature levels brought on by varying climates. This is a big factor impacting energy efficiency. Roof replacements allow you to use more energy-efficient materials.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Depending on the type of roofing chosen, as well as the colors you’ve picked, new roofs give homes an elevated visual appeal. This automatically raises real estate value.

Peace of Mind

Making repairs repetitively can be stressful, time-consuming, and patience-sapping. Replacing damaged roofs settles all issues once and for all and gives you the peace of mind you definitely deserve.

Confer With Our Roofing Experts

Make informed decisions and save on costs. Let us help you make up your mind by providing you with more helpful information on cost-efficient roof repair and replacement solutions.